Planning your bridal make-up…our essential guide to getting it right!


Are you getting married in 2019…?

Perhaps you know someone who is…?

Maybe you got engaged over the festive period…if so, congratulations!!

If you are indeed planning your wedding…or you know of someone who is, have a read at the blog below, share it with brides to be…and take note!  We’ve provided some, hopefully helpful tips/suggestions/options that you might want to consider.

As you will be well aware, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you have lots of big decisions to make ahead of that day. All eyes will be on you!! And naturally, you will want to look your best.

SO! When it comes to your wedding make-up, you also have big decisions to make…and choosing the right artist will make those decisions much easier, ensuring you GET IT RIGHT FIRST TIME!


Last year we noticed that some of our brides had, prior to coming to us, experienced unsuccessful trials elsewhere. “It just didn’t look like me” was a common phrase we heard…and that they felt their makeup was not tailored specifically to their individual style.

As a professional artist, it is frustrating to hear this. Those clients who had a bad experience elsewhere were filled with doubt and uncertainty - naturally - so, with our expertise and experience, we rebuilt their confidence. 

We have a dedicated team of professional bridal makeup specialists with over 16 years experience. We are devoted to providing you with a unique, professional service tailored to meet all your needs and our aim is to make your experience a memorable one.

If you are already booked with myself or one of the team…great choice, you can relax…you’re in safe, talented hands!! ;)

If you perhaps have shortlist of artists, here’s a few things to consider when choosing who will do your make-up:


1.    Make sure your artist has suitable bridal experience. 

(Our Bridal Pro professional course and our Bridal Beauty day course are a good start!) ;)

Q: How long have they been working as an artist? 

Q: Can they work under pressure and to a timeframe?

Q: Can they work well with other professionals? 


2.    Make sure your artist has the skill to match their fee.

Unfortunately, some people see weddings as an opportunity to cash in. 

Q: Is their work high quality? 

Q: Do they have an extensive bridal portfolio that includes a variety of different looks

Q: Does their portfolio suit your style? 


You are one talented, knowledgeable lovely lady Lauren, and I had complete trust that only having met me once, you knew exactly what I wanted. I wouldn’t hesitate to go to you again the next time I need my make up done.
— Laura Watson

Ultimately, your artist should be entirely professional in their approach to the role that they have in your day. 

They should be interested in you as an individual, understand the format of the day and have the skill to create a bridal look to suit your personal style and the style of your bridal party, ensuring that this ties in with your overall look and vision. 

You should be able to easily build a good relationship with them from the very beginning…and you should be confident that they will ensure you look your very best.

Thank you for the beautiful, professional work you did for myself and my bridesmaids. Not only did you do an amazing job that lasted all day, but it felt like you were one of the girls and it was amazing to have you involved in my special day.
— Emma Bradbury

My portfolio will give you some inspiration and ideas. Click here to see some beautiful brides.




We are seeing an increase in requests from clients wishing to have their make-up done for an Engagement Shoot.

Your engagement is such a special time and what better way to capture your memories with a fabulous shoot when you’re both looking your best!! 

It’s the perfect opportunity to meet you artist prior to your bridal trial and if anything, an excellent opportunity to buy a new outfit! ;)

If you are considering an engagement shoot, click here for further details.

We can also recommend a number of suitable photographers that we work with.




If you are planning a destination wedding abroad, check out our blog article from last summer where I worked with my beautiful bride – Wenzhou – in stunning Tuscany.

The blog will be a useful insight as to the products I used working in a hot climate ensuring her look lasted all day!

Click A Tuscan Wedding to read our Blog feature.

For more info on this service, click here.




Last year I also worked with some brides-to-be who were looking to do their own make-up. Through consultation we worked together to create their look and then I delivered a masterclass on how this could be easily replicated on their big day. 

It was great fun and really exciting when they sent me pictures afterwards.

If you are considering doing your own make-up, we can pass on our expert knowledge and skills to you with the Bridal Essence Masterclass

Click here to find out more.


I hope the info above is useful…if you would like to discuss your exciting day with us, please get in touch.

Lauren. x

Ryan Harrower